PUENTE Preschool QSLA Rating- Tier 5


PUENTE Preschool received a Tier 5 rating from Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA) – the highest recognition level attainable. A Tier 5 rating signifies a mastering of quality. PUENTE Preschool strives to go above and beyond these standards to provide high quality early education services.

The early years of childhood education are important and lay a foundation for a life time of learning. A high quality early childhood education should not just be a measure but a promise. Learning environments should cater to helping young learners become independent and creative thinkers. PUENTE Preschool has recently achieved a great milestone: earning a Tier 5 Quality Start rating. This achievement stands as a testament to PUENTE’s dedication to deliver high quality early education to our youngest learners in Boyle Heights and beyond.

QSLA is Los Angeles County’s quality improvement system. It is designed to empower early education providers to build upon and improve their quality of care.  Our rating is based on how our PUENTE Preschool program is doing according to the quality standards developed by the state of California. These standards are aligned with our mission to always strive to create an engaging, effective, and safe learning experience for our students. Click here to find out more about our program.

As we celebrate PUENTE Preschool’s achievement , let us recognize the profound impact it has on the lives of the children we serve. PUENTE’s commitment to quality ensures that every child receives the best possible start in life, setting them on a trajectory for success in school and beyond.

This is success is made possible by our wonderful teachers that are committed to making quality education accessible in Boyle Heights and beyond.

Thank you to our passionate and dedicated preschool team members for elevating our child-care program!