California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) highlighted PUENTE Charter Elementary School in its CharterNation publication, a premier source for charter schools news and stories from California. CCSA released a research brief earlier this month that offers new insight into English learners who attend California Charter public schools.

An English learner (EL) is an individual who has limited proficiency in the English language. Within California’s K-12 system, EL students speak English as a second language. Most come from immigrant families or families with strong ties to a country other than the United States.

“When analyzing academic performance, our data shows that all public schools — both charter and district-run public schools — have more work to do to ensure ELs become proficient in English and progress academically,” according to CCSA. However, its research brief also reports two CCSA member schools that are innovating and overcoming systemic obstacles to support the needs of their EL population, including PUENTE Charter Elementary School.