Meet Jannette

Learning has changed during COVID-19, and teachers like Jannette Cañas have been finding ways to persevere. For the past year, Janette has been navigating new teaching platforms and nurturing socio-emotional health from a distance – all while balancing her own personal needs during this unprecedented time.

A PUENTE Charter School kindergarten teacher since 2007, Mrs. Cañas says she has embraced this year’s challenges with an open heart and mind. “I have learned another way of teaching,” says Jannette. “We have the strongest of teams, from the administration to the parents. PUENTE is truly a family!”

Jannette says the pandemic has taught her to reach deep down for strength and vulnerability as ways to heal and grow. She feels
a renewed appreciation of time, companionship, and health. Jannette is satisfied with her work and pleased to be part of PUENTE, since the organization has delivered excellent education, even during distance learning. “I am so proud of our young students,” says Jannette. “They love life, they appreciate everyone, and they have embraced learning – no matter the circumstances.”