WHAT IS ESCALERA: Escalera STEM is a national college and career readiness program designed for students interested in a career in the science/technology fields.

WHY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY: Students will receive support in preparing and applying for college; access to paid summer internships in science fields; participate in college visits throughout the state; opportunities to attend national conferences outside of California; and access and support to scholarships and other financial resources.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE IN ESCALERA: The program is for high school juniors interested in a Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics Career.

WHEN WILL THE PROGRAM TAKE PLACE: Escalera STEM is a two-year program that will take place on Saturday mornings from 9 AM to 12 PM. The program will start Saturday, September 8th. There are no sessions during holidays and students are required to participate in an internship during the summer.

Begin your Saturdays by learning the skills that will prepare you for college, help set you up for an amazing career in the field you are interested in, and empower your family through your success!

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ESCALERA: Talk to your Counselor or visit us at PUENTE to fill out an application, as spaces are limited. You can also fill out an Application here and email it to rodolfo@puente.org.


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