Our Summer Programs

Each summer PUENTE Learning Center offers camp programs to the youth of the community in hopes of providing students a productive and engaging environment to learn in.  Through PUENTE’s summer programs students are able to gain new knowledge, polish their academic skills and keep productive during their breaks from school.  During our summer programs PUENTE’s very own Charter students along with students from the Boyle Heights community, and beyond, join us for fun filled programs and lesson plans. PUENTE prides itself in offering a curriculum based camp program where students take classes on a variety of themes each year.  This summer PUENTE’s curriculum is dedicated to teach students on Computer Programming, Astronomy, Mythology and Legends.

Computer Programming Student Highlight

The energy and motivation that each student brings to PUENTE is worth recognizing and applauding, as they take on new lessons each day they are with us. Joanna is a summer camp beneficiary who has been at PUENTE, along with her younger siblings, each summer since she was in pre-school.  Joanna who is now getting ready to go into the 7th grade is an LA native and dreams of one day becoming a pediatrician.  She enjoys coming to PUENTE every summer where she has found her time goes by the fastest because she gets to stay busy and enjoy her time with her classmates and teachers.

This year Joanna was thrilled to be taking a computer programming class in hopes of getting to explore her creative side. Joanna shared she enjoys programming games and conducting science experiments with her classmates most. Having the opportunity to spend more time on a computer has really taught her skills that she feels will be useful to her in school and really for the rest of her life.  Joanna was proud that through her programming class at PUENTE she has learned how to program games on the computer and realized how much fun she can have in doing such work. Each new project and experiment conducted allows students to take a valuable lesson learned whether it be on the subject matter or learning to work collaboratively with one another.

Students like Joanna are given the opportunity to get out of their homes, learn valuable lessons and share time with other students at PUENTE year round. Whether it be in our Charter school or during our summer programs offered to young children, adolescences and adults our students feel motivated to learn and excited to work together each day they are at PUENTE.