Celebrating Gloria Rojas and Irene Ortiz

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At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, teachers Gloria Rojas and Irene Ortiz will retire after a combined 50+ years as educators. From preparing kindergartners to helping adults complete their high school diplomas, both women have spent the last three decades making a difference in the lives of hundreds of PUENTE students.

Gloria Rojas began teaching at PUENTE in 1995. She joined as a GED instructor, helping primarily adult students receive their High School Diplomas. Gloria has helped many adults achieve important educational milestones in her 24 years at PUENTE. Gloria’s commitment to helping the community is embodied in the PUENTE mission; PEOPLE UNITED TO EMPOWER THE NEIGHBORHOOD THROUGH EDUCATION.

Irene Ortiz was the first teacher to join PUENTE in 1985. Irene worked with elementary students who not only needed help with tutoring but also needed support from the community. In a mostly immigrant community, Irene Ortiz and PUENTE’s founder, Sister Jennie, worked to provide students a safe and welcoming community resource. Irene has been an integral part of PUENTE’s vision, enabling children to develop a lifelong love of learning.

PUENTE would like to thank both Gloria and Irene for their dedication to excellence. Their commitment to educating students both young and old will forever be remembered by the “gente” of PUENTE.


                                    Gloria and Irene working with their students, March 2019