Charter School Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

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About PUENTE Learning Center

For over 30 years, PUENTE Learning Center is a place for learning, achievement and success. We are committed to making education and job training skills accessible to all. We offer classes for students ages 3 to 80+ including Digital Innovations, English as a Second Language, Adult High School Diploma, and more. PUENTE operates an award-winning Preschool and Charter Kindergarten, After-School Enrichment and summer programs. PUENTE is proud to be part of the Boyle Heights neighborhood, a primarily immigrant community, having served over 100,000 students in our 33-year history.

PUENTE Charter School is a program of PUENTE Learning Center. The Charter School offers elementary grade-level students a family-centered, technology-based learning experience designed to help children meet and exceed Common Core State Standards mastery and build a solid foundation for lifelong academic achievement.

Position Overview

PUENTE Charter School is seeking a Dean of Curriculum and Instruction to be a part of its management team. The experienced professional will join the School’s management team and will work with the School Principal to provide instructional leadership and ensure that the School’s curriculum is implemented and follows best practices. The Charter School management team includes the Principal, the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction and the Dean of Community and Parent Engagement. The Dean will work closely with the Principal to ensure that the Curriculum development is aligned with state standards, will ensure the systematic use of formative and summative assessment data, provide the presence of layers of learning support for instructional team, offer ongoing and innovative professional development to instructional leaders and paraprofessionals and adhere to compliance deliverables for public school operations.


• Curriculum Development and Implementation
• Curriculum development for elementary school K-5
• Provide structures for collaborative planning in all subject areas, including opportunities for vertical and horizontal planning with teachers to ensure instructional alignment and consistency
• Ensure provision of resources for curriculum development across all subject area
• Support teachers in unit and lesson planning, including providing ongoing feedback
• Lead blended learning curriculum
• Advise instructional team on overall subject curriculum design
• Stay abreast of research and effective practice in all subject areas
• Create/update TK – 5 report cards assuring they are aligned with state standards
Instruction Oversight/Teacher Professional Development
• Strengthen the professional learning community at PUENTE Charter
• Design and lead professional development calendar and sessions
• Create personalized professional development plans for teachers
• Model lessons as appropriate
• Conference with teachers on planning, classroom and student data
• Conduct observations and provide feedback to teachers
• Videotape teachers and facilitate opportunities for peer observation & feedback
• Identify professional development resources to support teacher development, including
books, articles, conferences, and learning opportunities
• Conduct performance evaluations of instructional team members, together with the Principal
• Ensure provision of supplies and classroom materials across all subject areas

Systematic Use of Formative Assessment Data

• Coordinate system of daily formative assessment practices and interim assessments,
including assessment design, revision, tracking, and analysis
• Facilitate the coordination of the interim assessment process to ensure opportunities for a
comparison of interim assessment data and to benchmark progress towards Common Core mastery
• Ensure alignment of internal assessment practices with state assessments
• Ensure comprehensive preparation for state assessments
• Facilitate data-driven instructional planning through regular meetings and professional
development sessions
• Prepare monthly assessment reports for the Charter Advisory Committee and quarterly
reports for the PUENTE Board of Directors meetings.

Layers of Learning Support

• Ensure systematic learning intervention program and schedule
• Use formative assessment data to drive on-going responsive support for students
• Participate in the school’s RTI process
• Promote an instructionally effective and compliant program that accelerates the academic
achievement for all student subgroups and targeted populations, including English learners,
economically disadvantaged students, foster youth, standard English learners, gifted and
talented, and students with disabilities

Management team responsibilities

• Provide instructional support as needed
• Mentor teachers (each member will have a portfolio for mentoring)
• Teach intervention groups
• Ensure compliance to Charter School expectations (facility, punctuality and attendance,
dress, decorum, parking, etc.)
• Participate in all duties and responsibilities as appropriate for a PUENTE Team member
• Other duties as assigned by the School Principal


• Dedication to mission driven work. Passionate advocate for the mission and those being served
through the organization.
• Outstanding communication skills. A collaborative and communicative work-style that translates
into measurable results with internal partners.
• Excellent strategic, organizational and school management skills. A decisive, “roll-up-the sleeves”
• Enthusiasm for all subject areas and for on-going acquisition of knowledge across all areas.
• A person who is comfortable with change for the growth of the child and school.
• Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
• Must have the ability to motivate and inspire confidence among staff, colleagues, and volunteers.
• Constant learner who seeks to expand their knowledge for all subject areas and open to new ideas
and innovations to enrich their work.
• A self-motivated, confident and influential style that is coupled with sensitivity and flexibility. A
strong leader with high emotional intelligence and professional standards.
• Character and substance; a person with the highest ethical standards.
• Positive attitude is a must.


• An earned master’s degree or advanced degree of at least equivalent standard from an accredited
college or university
• At least two-semester units each (six-semester units total), or the equivalent, of course work in
culture, language, and methodology to meet the requirements of the PUENTE’s Master Plan for
English Language Learners
• A valid California K-12 Teaching Credential
• Minimum of 5 years of teaching experience, with experience teaching the community PUENTE
serves (English Language Learners)
• Minimum of 1-2 years in administrative, leadership or coaching position
• Demonstrated success working with a diverse student population
• Demonstrated record of meeting deadlines for school compliance operations
• A strong background in and command of a California Common Core Student content area and the
ELD framework

Salary commensurate with experience

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume via email to Tesa Marquez, Administration and HR Manager, at No phone calls, please. Review of applications will begin immediately.